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The TBDD is a modern implementation of Roland’s classic SDD-320 stereo chorus, the Dimension-D, in dual 500 series format.

As with everything we build, we strive to preserve the function and sonics of the original which we fell in love with it in the first place, while updating the hardware with modern components and construction techniques to improve reliability, performance, and functionality.  To this end, the circuit follows the original Dimension-D very closely.  We use NOS analog BBD chips (exactly the same as the original).  We have added useful things such as the onboard wet/dry blend, optional relay bypass (the functionality of the “Off” button can be selected via a jumper), and high quality THAT Corp. balanced line receivers and drivers.

See the review of our TBDD in Tape Op #105!

“I love my TBDD.  I use it on most of the things I mix these days.  It does exactly what I need it to do to vocals and bass and claps and snare and guitars… Wider is better!”

Joel HamiltonProducer / Engineer - Studio G Brooklyn

“Here at Studio G Brooklyn Joel Hamilton and I have TBDD’s in both of our rooms. There are very very few mixes that don’t employ this awesome little secret weapon. It just works. Mixes have an extra shimmer and width.

Thanks for bringing back this classic piece!!!”

Tony MaimoneProducer / Engineer - Studio G Brooklyn

“A fantastic chorus, maybe the best ever. It has some kind of magic others don’t have. My first choice for any (Fender)-Rhodes and CP70/80 pianos as well as on Oberheim/Sequential Circuits/Roland Jupiter 8 sounds when it comes to warm and wide pads. Highly recommended!”

Udo TerlistenTonmeister, Germany

Assembled, calibrated, and tested right here in Massachusetts.


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