CMOS Steezer Colour Build Guide

Please see the Bill of Materials at the end of this document for placement of components.

1) Install resistors.  Use a digital multimeter to identify and sort all of the resistors with the kit.  If you don’t own a DMM, you may refer to a resistor color code chart.  You will note that the BOM indicates that R9 is empty.

2) Install ceramic capacitors.  The 10pF caps are blue and the 100nF are yellow.

STZ-Build-13) Install IC sockets.  Make sure that the notch on the socket lines up with the notch on the silkscreen.

STZ-Build-24) Install film capacitors.  The 100nF cap says “u1” on it (short for .1uF, which is the same as 100nF).  The 47nF says 47n on it.

STZ-Build-35) Install electrolytic capacitor.  Note that the longer leg on the cap is the + side.  Ensure that it goes in the hole indicated by the + on the PCB.

6) Install Samtec header.  This installs from the bottom.  Make sure that it sits absolutely flush with the PCB.

STZ-Build-47) Install standoffs.  These install from the bottom.  Make sure that the locking end of the standoff goes into the PCB.

colour-connectors18) Install ICs.  Both ICs have notches in them.  The notch aligns with the notch in the socket and on the silkscreen.  You may need to bend the pins in a little to get them lined up with the holes.  Just be careful doing so.


Finished!  Happy colouring.

Bill of Materials:

R1 10K
R2 1M
R3 1M
R4 330K
R5 1M
R6 680K
R7 10K
R8 47K
R9 Empty
R10 220K
C1 100nF Film
C2 10pF Ceramic
C3 47nF Film
C4 10pF Ceramic
C5 10uF Electrolytic
C6 100nF Ceramic
C7 100nF Ceramic
U1 TL072
U2 CD4049